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Interested in advertising on the radio? Read "The Top 20 Fatal Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Radio Commercial!" Another of my free reports targeted specifially to those preparing to advertise on the radio! Go ahead and opt in for "The TOP 25 Magical Advertising Secrets!" After that send me an e-mail and I'll send you the other pdf! No fuss no muss!

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Who am I? Where do I get off talking like a big shot? Just visit my About Bob page. Take a look at my shiny trophies and awards. Endulge me? Ah, the good old days... Radio Lions, Radio Tigers and Radio Bears, OH MY! Few folks have ever heard of the awards proudly displayed in the picture, but hey, there they are! Cool, right? .... Right?... Helloo...?

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While I currently help clients with advertising in all sorts of media. I learned how to get results in the demanding world of 60's on 30's on the radio. Time restrictions and limited budgets forced me to invent my Magic Ad Formula to take FULL advantage of every second on behalf of my advertising clients. Vist my Audio Gallery!