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Are your radio commercials getting the results you hoped for? If not, it's probably because your script doesn't follow the proper persuasion sequence! There is order to the universe AND order to a successful radio ad! Contact me and request a FREE copy of my e-book - "Bob's Magic Ad Formula" - explaining my five steps to radio advertising message success! Save your ad budget from the ravages of "Trial and Terror". Request yours today!

Radio Ads

Interested in advertising on the radio? Read “Bobs Magic Ad Formula E-Book” The formula I use every time I create a radio commercial. Just as  there is “No Crying in Baseball”, There are no guarantees when it comes to radio advertising. There’s more than one way to do it of course BUT my formula has the highest batting average!

Who’s Bob?

Who am I? Where do I get off talking like a big shot? Just visit my About Bob page. Take a look at my shiny trophies and awards. Endulge me? Ah, the good old days… Radio Lions, Radio Tigers and Radio Bears, OH MY! Few folks have ever heard of the awards proudly displayed in the picture, but hey, there they are! Cool, right? …. Right?… ?

Audio Gallery

While I currently help clients with advertising in all sorts of media. I learned how to get results in the demanding world of 60’s on 30’s on the radio. Time restrictions and limited budgets forced me to invent my Magic Ad Formula to take FULL advantage of every second on behalf of my advertising clients. Visit my Audio Gallery!